Easy Renting

Walk Through Online
We have created high definition walk-through's, in addition to still photos, of all our properties so you and your flatmates can avoid the agonising and time consuming process of organising appointments that everyone can make to meet and view each property
Get Pre-Approved
Fill out our online NZ Tenancy Services Pre-Tenancy Application Form and let us get your reference checks out of the way while you and your flatmates select your flat. We will also add you to our mailing list to keep you informed with our latest property updates.
Select Your Flatmates
To add flatmates you just need to let us know their email addresses so we can find them from our Approved Tenants list. If they haven't completed our online pre-approval process they will be prompted to do so before we can consider your group as potential tenants for your selected flat
Sign Online
If successful on securing your flat your flatmates will be sent an invitation to sign the tenancy documents online. Once completed you'll be emailed a copy of your completed tenancy documents along with all the information you need to know to ensure you have a successful tenancy

Our Difference

We are not a Property Management Company


The difference is that we own these properties and take a huge amount of pride in their appearance. We don’t treat our flats as ‘cash cows’, we treat them as homes for our student tenants to feel safe and comfortable in while they study.

We reinvest everything back into our properties


It’s taken a lot of time, money, blood, sweat & tears to get our student flats well above the average standard. Over the last 3 years we’ve completely replaced all bathrooms, kitchens, carpets, curtains, furniture and appliances to keep our flats modern and energy efficient; and will continue to do so.

We provide everything a student needs to succeed


We have sourced the best internet, appliances and furnishings, which we constantly upgrade and replace to keep our standards high. We have also built an excellent team of quality tradespeople that we trust, and who respond immediately to all repairs and maintenance issues.

We manage relationships not property


Our properties are the ‘constant’, brimming with a rich and vibrant student history and as such, have Dunedin’s finest managing their on-going maintenance programs. Our tenants are the important ‘variable’, who we work with closely on a personal basis to ensure their flat provides everything they need to have a productive year.

We never stop trying


Building this portfolio of high quality student properties hasn’t been easy, and we are the first to admit we have made mistakes along the way. Fortunately we have learnt from them, built excellent relationships with all of our past and present tenants, and continue to strive to provide the best student flats in New Zealand.